Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't KID yourself. Smaller families can save the planet

"Don't KID yourself" would be my advice to future generations. Studies have shown that people who plan to have children do it for Themselves, not for the benefit of the kids they produce.
They do it so others will look up to them, and for many other reasons, but not with the wellbeing of the child in mind.
Of course there are all the unplanned and unwanted births to deal with as well.
So, "Don't KID yourself" simply means don't have kids. Once you have them, you have to raise them, be liable for them, educate them, be liable for their actions, etc..
As Dr.Albert Bartlett showed in his "Brutal End to Growth" videos,
zero population growth WILL happen somewhere along the line. The longer we wait to choose the world population where it happens, the worse the effects will be on those living at the time.

For the USA, I suggest a simple way to get the ball rolling. Presently, our congress is looking for money to fund the new Medical overhaul plan. They are planning many new taxes.
They are looking at eliminating all sorts of deductions, for instance.
I suggest that they eliminate all deductions that reinforce the archaic idea that more children is better. I'm not even suggesting that they eliminate those deductions for any children who are currently getting those deductions. Instead, I suggest that they set the program to start some years down the line, let's say 10 years from the day the change in tax code is enacted. They would also broadly publicize the fact that is going to happen and when.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Our French Creek Valley website has a wide variety of topics to offer. It is pretty heavy on educational stuff, from crafts to business to keeping your job or avoiding a layoff.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Global warming doesn't matter

Global warming really is a non-issue compared to the dual problems of decreasing fossil fuel supplies and increasing population. Simply plotting the historical exponential decrease in fossil fuel and growth in popluation shows that those two spectors will get us long before and in much harsher ways than global warming ever could.
Dr. Albert Bartlett, from Boulder Colo. declares that we WILL have zero population growth sooner or later. It'll be by famine, lack of cheap energy, disease, etc..
We need to get serious about the real problems, first.
See his youtube video on the subject at:

Sequester Carbon by storing wood

How about storing wood that is in non productive situations in old buildings? Seems to me we could sequester a lot more carbon that way than by pumping carbon dioxide into the earth. Sure, we'd have to fix the roof, but think about how many tons and tons of otherwise unusable wood could be stored that way.

Plastic is Good!

Every bit of plastic that is produced from fossil fuels and eventually ends up in landfills is a bit of fossil fuel that will never add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
That's because most plastics are not biodegradable.
They say that as much as 25% of petroleum production goes into non-fuel uses, and I suppose most of that is for plastics.